Welcome to my site! I’m Nicole Lund: recent college grad, Pittsburgh native, paper product enthusiast.

To understand the idea behind this site, think of lnicole lund lady semicolon twenty somethingife as one long sentence full of clauses, adjectives, and semicolons. In terms of grammar, the semicolon signifies a pronounced division within a sentence between two independent yet related clauses. If you apply that thinking to life, then a semicolon represents a time of transition between two major phases. As a 20-something teetering on the edge between endless uncertainty and unqualified hope (who also happens to have an unhealthy love of grammar), I connect with this metaphor on an almost spiritual level.

Navigating through the semicolon phase seems to require a sense of humor/community/self. That’s where this blog comes in. My mission with this site is to create a space where all of us human semicolons can laugh, think, and have our opinions actually taken seriously. I’ll write about what matters: ourselves, our relationships, and our place in the world. And I promise not to bombard you with listicles or ramble on through long-form articles – snack size is where it’s at (regarding both post length and the recommended food type to consume along with the content).

I firmly believe that we’re smarter/more creative/more mindful than the rest of the world thinks, and I’m setting out to prove it. As a recent college graduate, I’d love to use this blog as a means of connecting with other creatives to collaborate on projects. I have a degree in English-Professional Writing with a minor in interactive media, as well as editorial experience through internships and involvement in campus publications. While my interests include travel, fashion, culture, and books, my true passion is telling stories. I believe that stories can be found anywhere, from the mundane to the extraordinary, the mysterious to the obvious. With this mission in mind, I would love to work with people who share similar values and need a helping hand with written content. If you’re interested in collaborating or just want to bounce ideas off each other, please contact me!