Here’s my dirty little secret: I don’t love summer. I love certain parts of summer, like reading on the beach and drinking iced tea and driving through non-barren scenery, but I’d be lying if I said I’d want summer all the time.

I like being warm. It’s of course preferable to being cold, but it’s also better than being a hot sweaty mess. Heat is inescapable in the summertime; there’s no way to truly cool down without a) sitting completely still in a room with working AC, or b) jumping in a cool body of water. If you’re in a crowded city there’s no hope for you – you’ll probably pass out on the subway and no one will care because it’s too damn hot to concentrate on anything else.

Now give me a cold day and lots of blankets. Throw in a roaring fireplace like the kind you see in Christmas movies and big fuzzy socks, and you have the kind of heat I can get behind. Winter may be cold and dark and icy, but all of that is workable. Bitter cold outside? Grab all the blankets and heavy clothes you can find and drape them over your body Wildling style. Sun goes down by the time you leave work? Go home, light some candles, and boom – instant coziness. Ice storm raging? Okay, you’ve got me there, bad weather is dangerous and awful if you’re stuck in it. But snow is so much prettier than rain!

Let’s talk about winter fashion. Scarves, big sweaters, boots – they’re all made to maximize comfort. I personally hate dressing myself in the summer and get bored of my outfits very quickly. There’s just not much you can do when you’re trying to wear the least amount of clothes possible. Plus, there’s no mystery. Wondering what I look like underneath the enormous parka I’m wearing? Well you’ll have to work your way through several thick layers of sweaters to find out!

There’s a lot of talk recently about hygge, a Danish word/concept that basically translates to “a cozy experience.” It’s more than being cozy, it’s staying indoors with the people you love drinking mulled wine at a candlelit table because it’s too cold to go out. I’m definitely Danish at heart because that sounds about a million times better than leaving my carefully constructed blanket wrappings to go to an event, or, God forbid, a club. What’s that? I’m 23 you say? Not in the winter!

I understand you may not agree with me. Most people dream of moving to the temperate California climate while I look into real estate options in Finland. It’s a lonely path I lead, but that’s okay – this blanket isn’t big enough to share anyway.