The books I read aren’t a major part of this blog, but I’d like to change that. In case you weren’t aware, I’ve loved to read since Harry Potter and the American Girl Doll series entered my life. When I was in middle school I’d hide books under my desk and read during class (very badass trouble maker here), and the only college major I considered was English.

Another small tidbit about me is that I have no patience for New Years’ resolutions. In my teenage years I would have said that I hated them because they lead to disappointment and an optimistic spirit that my aggressively negative self looked down on. Now that I’m beyond my angst phase I’d say it’s because resolutions/goals/motivations can be made at any time of year, and there’s a certain laziness in waiting to change until January. I think that those types of resolutions are doomed to fail anyway if you’re making them for the sake of making them.

With that said, however, I am a believer in reading resolutions. Lots of bookish websites promote yearly reading challenges (I’m especially a fan of Book Riot’s and POPSUGAR’s), but some of the suggestions simply aren’t realistic for me. For instance, I KNOW that I won’t read a sci-fi novel. I’ve tried but they just aren’t my cup of tea (no judgment if that’s your jam though). I know these challenges are meant to broaden your literary horizons, but there’s too many good books out there to read ones you aren’t totally into. Therefore, here is my personal reading list for 2017, with one book per month:

  1. An LGBTQ memoir
  2. A travel journal
  3. A book under 100 words
  4. A book of essays written by a minority author
  5. A book with a minority protagonist
  6. A book about a specific region of the world
  7. A book about an aspect of mental health
  8. A book about an aspect of physical health
  9. A book of short stories
  10. A book that has been challenged or banned in the U.S.
  11. A book about an immigrant experience
  12. A book that intimidates you


I think these are pretty attainable reading goals, and hopefully they’ll lead me to topics or genres I haven’t explored much before. Or maybe I’ll end up re-reading Harry Potter for the hundredth time. Either way my year in books will be a win.